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PostSubject: .:Strife:.   Sun Jan 04, 2009 1:23 pm

.:Hail The Fallen:.

Name: Salem Strife
Gender: Male.
Age: 21
Occupation: Mercenary.
Combat Specialty: Close Quaters.

Personality: Salem is the perfect example of how a noble should act, having grew up the son of a duke he comes across somewhat of a gentlemen to those whom he newly meets, minding his manners and know what is and isn't proper. That's what the noble blood in his has etched into his personality. Of course since he has left that life behind him and became a Mercenary for hire he became slightly differnt, using slang freely as he was no longer slapped everytime he said 'Dude.' He is overall a very bright young fellow and knows his way around much machinary due to his education as well as combat tactics and many other usful teachings he gained through out his comfortable youth. However, he isn't one to back down from a fight despite his want to do good as long as it means protecting ones close to him or indeed his ideals or himself. He will fight and give life and limb for his friends and is known for his kind heart and friendly attitude. Yet, he has many a mental struggle due to his past and while he will make friends he isn't easy to get to know on a personal level. Indeed, Salem is a strange one...
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