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 Maria and Olivia - Arrogant Cloud Crew

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PostSubject: Maria and Olivia - Arrogant Cloud Crew   Fri Jan 02, 2009 2:03 am

The pilot and navigator of the Arrogant Cloud, respectively, these two 19-year-old twins were once officers in the Principality Navy, where they learned their skills. The twins are very dependable at their jobs as long as there's no heavy combat: in those situations either Gavin or the captain does the flying since Maria was never trained in combat flight.

As for fun, the twins often find themselves toying with Romeo's insatiable libido, playing a cruel game of cat-and-mouse combined with constant switcharoos. The twins keep not a secret from one another, except one:

Olivia is actually in love with Romeo.
Maria can't stand him at all...

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Maria and Olivia - Arrogant Cloud Crew
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