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 Aiden Johnson [WIP]

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PostSubject: Aiden Johnson [WIP]   Wed Dec 31, 2008 7:04 pm

Aiden Johnson
Age Fifteen
Crewman of the Arrogant Cloud

Ever since he could remember, Aiden had dreamed of flying.

From a young age, he’d always been fascinated by birds, airships, and all things airborne. To him, the sky was a symbol of freedom, of adventure. It was a symbol of the dangerous, dramatic, exhilarating life that was surely waiting for him far beyond the walls of the quiet Aldennian village he called home.

Put quite simply, Aiden Johnson had his head in the clouds.

Raised by strict, yet loving parents as the youngest son in a family of seven, Aiden never seemed to run out of chores to do. If he wasn’t helping out one of his older siblings at the family’s shop, he was busy helping his mother clean the house, or running an errand for his father. And then there was school, where poor Aiden was forced to sit in a stuffy old room for hours on end memorizing various equations and vocabulary, and reading aloud from stories about thrilling mysteries and grand adventures and, generally, people with lives far more exciting than his own. It certainly wasn't the way Aiden would want to spend a sunny day in spring, given the choice. So it wasn't uncommon that one would find the boy staring absently out the window instead of working, daydreaming of some other world. Sure, Aiden tried to be a hard worker and do his best at what he did, but he couldn’t help but feel bored with all the routines and rules set in place in his simple life. Aiden didn’t want to follow in the footsteps of the rest of his family, and work in some ordinary store. No, as much as he tried to live up to his family’s expectations, Aiden couldn’t shake the feeling that he was destined for something much greater in life. All his friends had grand plans for the future; some were aspiring to be famous champions, or inventors, or airship captains. It wasn't that Aiden wasn't happy with his life or his family, but he wanted to have an adventure too.

And so the very day he finally turned fifteen, Aiden packed his things, said goodbye to his family, and left his small Aldennian home in search of the adventure he'd always dreamed of.

Unfortunately, the boy soon learned that the world outside his village wasn't as friendly, or as glamorous as he'd once believed. It wasn't long before Aiden wound up absolutely penniless, having lost most of his belongings to various thieves and con artists as a result of his rather naive, overly trusting personality. Now with nowhere to go and little more to his name than the very clothes on his back, Aiden realized he would need to find a job. After all, he couldn't just return home shamefully and empty-handed like this. So he traveled to the city in hopes of finding employment. It was there that he met and befriended a man who worked as a crewmen on an airship, The Arrogant Cloud. Aiden was overjoyed when he was offered a job, his lifelong dream of flying on an airship had finally about to come true.
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Aiden Johnson [WIP]
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