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 :: Romeo ::

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PostSubject: :: Romeo ::   Wed Dec 31, 2008 1:41 am

Full Name: Raoul Valeraquez
Alias: Romeo
Age: 18
Birthdate: 02/17

Bloodtype: B
Occupation: Gunnery of the Arrogant Cloud
Specialty: Projectiles (Aim)
Height: 6'0''

Hence the name, Romeo is a pretty handsome guy. He'd be one of those guys who would have quite a few girlfriends if he wasn't such an idiot. Tall for his age, Romeo stand lean but not too muscly. As one who burns, not tans, Romeo's skin is slightly paler than the average, and carries a somewhat smug look on it. His hair initially appears dark, but when in the light, it glows a peculiar shade of red. His eyes are a pale purple, and constantly give off a spaced out look.

Clothingwise, Romeo dresses like the much of the crew of his ship, in various garments generally brown in color. Not being too wealthy, he generally makes do with what everybody else wears, only he does flaunt what he wears often and wears things in what he considers a "sexy" fashion. Of course, this only causes people to think of him as even more of a ditz.

The source of Romeo's handsome yet mysterious looks has often been pondered amongst the people of the ship. His mother was a fairly average woman, and Romeo bore very little likeness to her anyway. As such, he most likely got his looks from his unknown father.

Likes: Women, Himself, Sleep.
Dislikes: Work, Kids, Beer.
Status: Single
Personality: That guy on the ship that everybody wants to throw overboard.

Romeo is a pretty lazy guy who hardly ever does anything unless he sees how it will benefit him. When he's told to do something, Romeo will do the bare minimum amount of work before going and having a snooze. And when he's asked exactly why he isn't doing anything, he'll just give them the old "Can't be stuffed". And if he knows that he's going to get in trouble for that, then he'll just make sure he doesn't get caught, or better yet, get someone else to do his work for him. Not that he isn't a nice guy by any means; generally, Romeo is pretty calm and relaxed and doesn't end up hating people easily. And if people hate him, then he just shrugs it off and deals with it. He likes having interacting with people, but doesn't give a damn if he can't. Well, that's how he is with men, anyway.

With women, Romeo is a little different. Something of a smooth talker, Romeo makes sure to flirt with all the ladies that ever set foot on the airship. Talking with women seems to be the only thing he ever puts any energy into. Even with his well known "canon firing" he barely tries. Just being a natural at manning the guns, Romeo doesn't think much of it at all. As far as he's concerned "Aim, Fire and Boom!" is all there is to it. His slack attitude towards this important position only gets on the nerves of the crew. Despite his talent, they still think that he's an idiot, and so do the ladies. Unfortunately for Romeo, Cupid doesn't aim as well as he does.


Alliance: Arrogant Cloud
Mother: Cynthia Valeraquez
-- Alliance: Arrogant Cloud
Father: Unknown
-- Alliance: Aldennia

"Romeo, Romeo, where the f*** are you now, ROMEO?!?"

Basically, Romeo was never one who had anything in store for the rules. Even his birth was a result of a scandal in which his mother, Cynthia Valeraquz, a crew member of an airship, decided to use one of the ship's breaks in a small Aldenian town to have a steamy night with a completely unknown man. Some nine months later, she gave birth to a baby boy on deck of the ship. Named "Raoul" the boy spent the first three months of his life whining, crying and being a complete disturbance of the peace. No. Not just the first three months. The first ten years of his life. Never having any regard for anybody else, he would just run around making a mess of absolutely everything in his home, and unfortunately, his home was a ship.

Raised by a single parent, he even got on his mother's nerves, and some even blamed him for his mother's early death when he was merely ten years old. But as she died, succumbing to canon wounds, she let him know that she did honestly love him and her death honestly had nothing to do with him. Even though he was saddened for a while, Raoul seemed to think that his mother's confirmation that he hadn't caused her death simply meant that he could still go around being a complete idiot. He was watched over after that by the only person on the ship who didn't seem to hate him, the old woman who would clean the cabins.

As the years passed, the hyperness started to fade away, but that didn't make the young boy any less naughty. Now that he was expected to help around the cabins, he made sure he did the exact opposite and never did any work. In fact, he went from extremely hyper to extremely lazy pretty quickly. He also became something of a flirt at a very young age, often skipping out on work to be with the ladies of the ship. This, combined with what was agreed to be good looks, earned him the nickname Romeo. Despite the handsome nickname, nobody really liked him. Some of the higher ups honestly had their times when they wanted to just throw him over the airship, but he did have his use; his aim.

When it came to canon, Romeo was one of the rare few who could hit a bullseye every single time. He had never even had any practice, but even so, at the young age of thirteen, Romeo could shoot at, and hit, something a great distance away. Romeo was fourteen years of age when much of the crew he had spent his life with moved on to a new ship, the Arrogant Cloud. The Captain, a new man who obviously didn't know how much of an idiot Romeo generally was, even selected the boy to be the brand new man of the Gunnery after the previous one decided that he did not want to move onto this brand new ship for some unknown reason. Not only did nobody else like Romeo, everybody thought he was far too young. But the captain had his reasons; after all, they had never seen somebody with such an aim before.

The new position barely changed Romeo. He was not at all more dedicated towards work, and only manns the canon as to not get thrown overboard. He still chases the women, and still slacks off when it comes to other duties, but deep inside, Romeo loves his home on the airship, and wouldn't trade it for anything.

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:: Romeo ::
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