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 Angel Reapers (Open)

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PostSubject: Angel Reapers (Open)   Sun Dec 28, 2008 12:13 am

Name of Company: Angel Reapers

Governing Body: The Commander holds power over the rest of the members. The Commander can be challenged for the position in a Death Match style duel. For major decisions the Commander and Rank 1's gather and the decision is based on the number of votes, the Commander's vote counting for 50%.

Ranking system: Commander- Leader (Gold Sash)
Rank 1- Second Highest Position (Almost if not Equal power and skill of the Commander) (Black Sash)
Rank 2- Third Highest Position (More Seasoned and Experienced Champions or Very Strong) (Red Sash)
Rank 3- Lowest Position for Professional Champions (Initiates and those will little skill) (Blue Sash)
Trainees (White Sash)
Clerks (None)


Base: Batrino City

Special Info: One of the Top, most well known and strongest Companies in Cilantia.
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Angel Reapers (Open)
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